Starting My Own Web Space

Since the day my friend Kasun Vithanage (AKA Saaluwa) introduced this Hugo framework, I wanted to build my web site using this framework. But due to other things I didn’t have time for that. After some lazy days/months, I just had this instant urge to try this framework. So, here we are. On my site writing this blog post :D.

I started blogging after my OL examination, back in 2009. First I used Blogger, then moved to Wordpress and then I lost my desires to do my blog cause it hard to keep track on all these things. My first bloging site was a Warz site called as Linkz2U where I shared some links. ( I created this site by following my friend/brother Kosala who did a similar site :P ). Meantime I got to know about a Sinhala Blogger group a “SinhalaBloggers” and then all I wanted to do a Sinhala blog about Computer and Technologies.

IT Sinhalen Logo

IT Sinhalen Logo

Thats how “IT Sinhalen” (IT සිංහලෙන්) started with my school friends. Here I used Wordpress as my blogging platform, back in time wordpress had more unique features when comparing to Google Blogger platform. I wrote about technologies, new softwares all in sinhala and submitted to syndicators like Sinhalabloggers,Hathmaluwa etc. I enjoyed when people read and give comments my content. After 2 years I stopped that blog cause most people liked to stay and read on the facebook (Yeah I had less interest to write-.- ). Now I don’t even own the domain :(.

On this web, I’m going to manage my best GitHub projects and blog Give a visit to pages on the main menu :D. There are lot of things left to do on this site. Finally I’m this platform as my secondary blog space, keeping Medium as my first. You can read my previous posts on Medium Profile. Hope to see you all soon.

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